"Official Report" Contracts between
State Courts and Law Report Publishers

Peter W. Martin
Cornell Law School

  State Current Publisher Year contract began Note
  Arkansas   2007 (Thomson / West) Arkansas ended print publication of official reports in 2009. Electronic version at judiciary website is now the "official report". See Ark. Sup. Ct. Rule 5-2.
  California LexisNexis 2017, 2010, 2003 Contract runs through June 2019 plus two possible extensions, one for two years, a second for three years.
  Georgia LexisNexis 2012,  2008 (Thomson / West), 2004 (LexisNexis) Georgia law requires the contract to go to the bidder offering the lowest price on the bound volumes. There were three qualified bidders in 2012 and 2008 (Darby being the third), with LexisNexis lowest in 2012, Thomson / West lowest in 2008. With annual extensions the current contract runs through June 2015.
  Illinois 2004 (Thomson / West) Illinois ended print publication of official reports in 2011. Electronic version at judiciary website provides the final text and all the necessary citation information. See Ill. Sup. Ct. Rule 23 .
  Massachusetts LexisNexis 2014, 2009 (Thomson / West), 2001 (Thomson / West) Contract runs through June 2017 plus two possible 1-year extensions.
  Michigan Thomson / West 20122004 Contract runs through July 2020.
  New Hampshire LexisNexis 2013, 2002 Contract covers publication through volume 170 (volume 160 begins in 2010; 165, in 2013).
  New York Thomson / West 20102005 Contract runs through December 2015. LexisNexis also bid on the 2010 contract.
  Ohio Thomson / West 2012,  2001 Contract runs through June 2015, with an option extension of up to 5 years.  The current contract covers only decisions of the Ohio Supreme Court.  Decisions of lower Ohio courts are published online.
  Vermont LexisNexis 2013, 2009, 2006 Contract covers publication of volumes 193-195 of the Vermont Reports.
  Washington LexisNexis 20142007, 2000 Contract runs through June 2019, with an optional 2-year extension.



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