Social Security Law Guides

A Series Covering the Law Governing Social Security Benefits and the Procedures for Resolving Benefit Claim Disputes

  1. Background Readings on Social Security Law
  2. How Past Earnings Determine Social Security Eligibility and Benefit Amount
  3. The Effect of Age, Continuing Earnings, and Other Factors on Benefit Amount
  4. Benefits Payable to an Insured Worker’s Spouse
  5. Benefits Payable to an Insured Worker’s Children
  6. Benefits Based on Disability
  7. Administrative Claims Adjudication Process
  8. Judicial Review of Agency Decisions
  9. Representation by Lawyers and Others

Fitting Social Security into Your Retirement Income Plan

This concluding guide explores three interconnected questions commonly asked by those nearing the age at which Social Security payments can be begun:

  1. When exactly can I start benefits?
  2. Do I have to retire to get Social Security?
  3. During the years I might draw Social Security, if I have alternative sources of income available, are there reasons why I should put off starting benefits?