Peter W. Martin
Cornell Law School

This site holds two collections of material. One is focused on the legal and policy questions surrounding the introduction of electrically powered bicycles, scooters, and similar micromobility devices onto the streets of U.S. communities of all sizes. The second collection concerns the use of digital technology to improve access to law, legal institutions (including legal education), and important processes of law.

The former includes both:

  1. a guide to New York's 2020 statute on e-bicycles and e-scooters, designed to assist the state's cities, towns, and villages to understand and execute the options it provides them, and
  2. a compendium of legal material and commentary about e-scooters and their rental.

The latter holds:

  1. materials organized around a 2008 law school course exploring the impact of digital technology on law,
  2. a collection of contracts between state courts and law report publishers,
  3. data on the terms of state court contracts for online legal information, and
  4. papers written and presentations delivered on diverse topics within the scope of the topic.

Peter W. Martin.